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Well, I’m already past the average age (26)…*heavy sigh*

And I’m sure the average cost will only go up.

But this article (and the comments that follow) are pretty interesting. All you parents out there better start saving for college AND wedding funds, oye!

Ready for a look at my future wedding budget?


(Parents, are you still alive?)

And if you think $28,000 is a ghastly amount, check out this comment:

Well, I am obviously late to the party, but I have some refreshing news from personal experience – saving and prioritizing IS more realistic than trimming, begging, borrowing, and skimping! You got it Ramit! My fiancé and I are getting married next month in Seattle, have planned a fabulous, $36,500 wedding for 120 people, and will be debt free after the honeymoon. How do I know the exact cost? Because that’s how much money we budgeted to spend!

A couple of engineers…well, I guess if I saved EVERYTHING from my first year on the job, I could easily afford a $40K wedding. Why do I have a feeling that this will be the biggest liability of my life??

I love the articles I come across, don’t you? Who needs television, when you’ve got the internet?

5 Responses to “How NOT to Have a Frugal Wedding”

  1. kledus says:

    hmm…or wedding was only about 5K for everything…..

  2. Anonymous says:


    Hi from Precious:

    Weddings are way over the top today in my estimation. That money could better be used as a down-payment on your first home. I had 2 sons(so no daughters to pay for); however, the first one eloped to the JP so we gave them the downpayment on their first home instead; the second one had a nice church wedding but her parents had the reception catered in their yard(summer wedding), so the cost was kept below $5000. All we paid for was rehearsal dinner for 20 at a nice restaurant and 4 plane tickets and hotel rooms for all. We probably spent $2500. The brides parents would not accept any money from us.Then we gave my son and his bride a large check for a wedding present.

  3. Heather says:

    Very reasonable. I remember Holli & Scott paid around 2-3K on their wedding…and it was very beautiful. I know that I will have a much larger guest attendance than you. I would want to share the day with my extended family, including all ten sets of grandparents (okay that’s an exaggeration…)….and several of my closest friends.

  4. Heather says:

    Re: Weddings

    Hi Precious! Thanks for stopping by. This is probably one of those topics that would have fit nicely into your retirement series. How not to impede your early retirement with your children’s weddings. Step 1: have sons. Step 2: Have frugal sons. :) I DO think that if it were up to men, there wouldn’t be big grandiose weddings in the first place. I’ve never heard of a guy who said “I’ve always dreamed of a huge white wedding.”

    It’s interesting…I was under the impression that brides and grooms were more apt to split the cost of the weddings these days (as opposed to the bride paying for everything)…but I guess some still stick with tradition. I think it probably also depends on the age of the bride and groom. The older they are, the more likely they will pay for it themselves I suppose.

    I’ve been to small $2-3K church/backyard weddings and I’ve been to a large extravagant $25 wedding in downtown Phoenix…and in all honesty, I enjoyed myself equally well at both. I think all that really matters is that the bride and groom are happy with the outcome, since it is their special day. I think it’s ridiculous that people CHARGE their wedding and go into debt for thousands of dollars…that’s just insane. But, if a couple decides to splurge and can budget the entire wedding without going into debt, I’m not going to judge them for how much they spend.

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