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This is more of a record for me, so I can check up on my cash back. But it’s also a good example of how to successfully apply my process for purchasing textbooks. Plus it gives you an idea of how insanely expensive engineering textbooks are!

Design and Analysis of Experiments, 7th Edition

List Price: $169.70
Alibris Total: $118.01 + $3.99 S&H – $10 coupon = $112
FatWallet 5.5% Cash Back: $5.94
My OOP: $106.06
Total Saved: $63.64

Design and Analysis of Experiments Student Manual
List Price: $45.45
Borders Total: $45.45 + $1.78 tax -$13.64 coupon = $33.59
Cashbaq 5% Cash Back: $1.59
My OOP: $32.00
Total Saved: $13.45

Management and Control of Quality, 6th Edition
List Price: $193.95
Half.com Total: $30.00 + $3.99 S&H = $33.99
Mr. Rebates 5% Cash Back: $1.50
My OOP: $32.49
Total Saved: $161.46

Total OOP: $170.55
Total Savings: $238.55

As you can see, I lucked out by taking a course which is using a 3-4 year old book, so I was able to get it slightly used from Half.com. This accounted for most of my savings. Unfortunately, my other class requires a brand new edition (the professor who teaches the class actually wrote the book), so there weren’t any used available. My third class, quite fortunately, doesn’t have any required textbooks at all. It makes me sick to think of the $4-500 I dropped every single semester for 4.5 years during my undergraduate years.

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    that’s my girl!

    brilliant, as always! love ya!!!!

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