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Good News!

I got my full-time offer today from Intel!!!! Woot! That means that as of January 2008, I will be a BCD (Bulk Chemical Delivery) Engineer in Corporate Services over at the Ocotillo campus, in the same group that I’m currently interning. Basically, we deliver all the chemicals to the fabs. If any of the chemical gets contaminated, wafers are impacted and the company loses profit.  It also means that the job is pretty fast-paced, fairly high stress, and never has a dull moment. I like it so far, but more importantly, I really like my group and my manager. I like seeing how I directly impact the product — which makes me feel like what I’m doing is important :) Also, I get to put on a hard hat and steel toe boots and go stomp around in the sub-fabs, which is actually kind of fun. I love to go from hard hat and steel toe boots to a comfy dress at the end of the day. Sassy engineer chick by day, ultra feminine girly girl by night!

Of course, that also means that for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I will have an honest-to-goodness year-round salary, representative of all the tears and sweat and hard-ass labor I’ve put into my two chemical engineering degrees. Two degrees! Yeek!

It also means that I get to start saving forretirement with my very first 401K! And a house!

All of this is contingent upon my graduating in December, of course. All the more reason for me to hike up my skirt and PUSH ON THROUGH.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    All your hard work has paid off……….. Congratulations!!!!
    Love, Dad & Brooks

  2. Anonymous says:


    Beautiful Girl,
    This was the best news gpa and I have heard for some time. So proud of you. gma

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