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I have been moping over my pitiful collection of makeup brushes (I have like 2!), when I came across this WONDERFUL tip, via Koren from EnKoreMakeup:

Use artist’s painter brushes as comparable (but MUCH CHEAPER) alternatives to the MAC cosmetic brushes!

For example…
Powder Brush: Mac 150 for $42 vs Loew Cornell xxL round brush for $10.79
Eyeshadow Brush: MAC 239 for $34 vs L-C 3/8’’ Maxinne’s Mop for $3.79

I’m off to Michael’s to build my makeup brush supply :)

Here’s the video I’m talking about:
PS:  Save 20% off your entire purchase through 7/26/08 at Michael’s with THIS COUPON.

PPS: My mom just informed me that there’s a 40% off any one regular priced item in the Michael’s ad in this past week’s Arizona Republic. Maybe I won’t run to the store just this second….I can foresee several trips to Michaels in my near future….muahahaha.

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