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Safe and Sound in Oregon

I made it to Oregon safely yesterday :) I think I gave Mike a mini heart attack when I was within minutes of missing my flight.  I can just hear him now. “Is this something you do ALL the time?!?!” Umm. Do you still love me if I say yes?

So far, I’ve slept A LOT. The weather is absolutely phenomenal for sleeping in. And there’s no annoying cats to wake me up at 5am either :P We stayed up till 11:30 playing a new card game called Nasty Neighbor. I won the first game and came within one point of winning another — my grandparents have no chance against the QUEEN OF CARDS. :)

I was in such a rush before I left to get all my bills paid and rent taken care of and powerpoint presentation completed, that I was quite stressed out. I did have time to run to Fry’s and CVS and pick up a couple of deals that wouldn’t be around when I got back. 

I got 20 boxes of 20 ct Advil for $0 ($4.15 after tax) at Fry’s. They were on sale for $2.00 when you bought 10, and there were $2 coupons in the newspaper. Thanks mom for the coupons. I wish I had time to take a picture before I left. My receipt at the bottom said it was close to $100 in savings. The best part? I had just run out of Advil the week before and was just HOPING there would be a sale soon. It’s my usual pain med of choice for my fibro flares.

At Fry’s, I found a big stack of BOGO Trident coupons, and Trident is on sale BOGO this week at CVS.  They also generate $1 ECB for every two packages you buy. I picked up 10 packages of Trident for 11 cents after coupons, and received $5 in ECB. I think I finally found a friendly CVS too, right across the street from Mike’s place. The cashier there is always super sweet, and she commented that she wanted to try the gum since it supposedly strengthens your teeth, so I gave her a few coupons before I left so she could try it out for free.  

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  1. Anonymous says:


    I now am the designated flight commander. When we fly anywhere, you leave the planning to me. I will let you still pack your bags though-


  2. admin says:

    Re: hrm

    Aye aye captain ;)

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