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Ok, in my ever-so-exciting Friday night surfing adventures, I just found the neatest clothing accessory. One that my mother and my sister would love. You know how it’s a crazy hot 115°F here? And how those of us with big booties and lo-rise jeans sometimes have little butt cleavage problems?

(I can just read your mind. Where in the HECK is she going with this? And GROSS! )

Well, when it comes to being comfy in the lo-rise jeans, and trying to avoid showing butt cleavage or worse yet THONG PEEK-A-BOO, many women have taken to layering T-shirts. Which is all fine and dandy — but most of the time it’s just too darn hot to be wearing two layers.

The Solution? Hip-Ts!

Someone out there got rid of all the extra unnecessary material. A pretty cool concept if you ask me. Also would make an EXCELLENT birthday gift. Hint. Hint.

I’m thinking black and white in lace would be a wonderful addition to my wardrobe.  What about you Hannah? You’ll take one in EVERY COLOR? Whoa! Better find yourself a sugar daddy first!

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  1. Anonymous says:


    Just think of all the booty shaking you can do hannah!!!!!!!!!!

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