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King of the Kitchen

Look who thinks he’s king of the roost:

That’s Mr. Orange Kitty lounging on my kitchen island. It’s 6 a.m. so he’s tirrrred.

And no, I don’t have a new cat. My landlord would either a) kill me or b) charge me an insanely ludicrous pet fee.  This is the friendly neighborhood kitty cat, who likes to come visit me for food.  He has a collar on, so he belongs to someone who apparently keeps him on a very lean diet. Either that, or he has a very active night life!

I’m always happy when I hear the familiar jingle of his collar as he comes prancing down the street to greet me. It’s to the point that he meows hello, then runs to the door to be let in the house, then runs straight to the kitchen for food. Smart cat ;)

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