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Are you on a budget that doesn’t include $5 Blockbuster movie rentals? I know I am. Are you tired of checking out dvd’s from the library that are scratched or otherwise unplayable? Me too! 

Well, you and I are in luck, because there’s a way to rent a FREE NEW RELEASE every single night of the week!

Redbox, a self-service DVD vending machine located in supermarkets and drugstores across the country, normally charges $1 per rental per day.  You have to return the DVD to the kiosk by 9pm the next day to avoid a late charge of $1 per day. The maximum fee is $25, at which point you now own the DVD. You can even go to their website and reserve the movie you want to see ahead of time, and just pick it up (by swiping your credit card) from the Redbox self-serve kiosk nearest you.

Every Monday and Wednesday, Redbox releases free codes good for that day only. You can sign up here to  receive redbox alerts via text message. This is how people are notified about Monday and Wednesday codes.

TODAY ONLY, enter code TW87WR at your Redbox for a free movie rental.

There is also a site that compiles free Redbox codes, which you can use for the other days of the week. Each code is good once per credit card. So use multiple credit cards to use the same code multiple times. 

Even at their regular rate of $1 per night, they are a MUCH better deal than Blockbuster or Hollywood Video. There have been times where I didn’t have time to watch the movie the first night, and I kept it the second night for the extra buck. I figured since the first night was free, I could afford a buck.  I’ve seen Redboxes in Walmart and Walgreens. Apparently, they’re also located in McDonalds, and my sister rents from one in Maverick (a gas station in Camp Verde).  

To find a Redbox, go here.

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