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Have you signed up for Amazon Prime yet? If not, you’re in luck: Go sign up right now for a free one month trial and in addition to all the great benefits of Prime (free 2-day shipping on nearly everything, regardless of order size), you’ll get $10 off your next Amazon.com purchase. This offer is good through July 28 and is for new members only.

Don’t want to pay the $79 for a year of Prime? No problem—just cancel before your month is up, and you’ll have had a free month and the $10 bonus at no cost. 

Thanks to Jonathan over at MMB for posting this great tip.  The cool part about Amazon Prime trials is that you can set it not to auto-renew ahead of time, so you don’t have to remember to cancel. Here’s how:

  1. Click on Your Account.
  2. If you’re not there yet, scroll down and click on Subscriptions Management > Manage Your Amazon Prime Membership.
  3. Look for green text. Click on the Do Not Upgrade button and you won’t automatically be charged $79 anymore. You’ll still get the entire 1st month of free Amazon Prime shipping.

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