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I just signed up for free Amazon Prime and purchased an item for $22.51 — and FOR ONCE I didn’t have to get a filler to bump the price up to $25 for free shipping!!! How nice :) Plus I only had to pay $2.51, since I had the $10 off from the Prime promo and another Amazon $10 certificate. 

DON’T FORGET! Use Price Protectr, a free price monitoring service, to help track your purchases, watch prices, and get your money back if the price drops within the price protection period (which is 30 days for Amazon).

If only I had remembered to price protect the Wii Smash Bros game I bought for Father’s Day, I would have been notified when it dropped a whopping $14 last month! Now it’s been longer than 30 days, and it’s no longer price protected. Dagnabbit. 

Don’t be silly like me and give away free money!! Price protect your online purchases now.  

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