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ChaCha is a text messaging service that responds to any question you might have. Just text your question to 242242 and they’ll text you with the answer within the next few minutes (varies with the time of day).

I just asked “What color is my orange cat?”  It was the first thing that came to mind, and I figured it would be a good test of  the speed of response as well as creativity of the service.

The response?

“I’ll guess he’s orange and he’s a boy. (Two thirds of orange cats are male, and only one third of orange cats are female.) Thanks!”

Better than I expected. And within a few minutes too.

Wow. This has to be one of the coolest services ever. In fact, Bleys said I went “batso” over it.  (Hey, getting text messages from all-knowing beings of the universe is pretty darn cool). Thanks to Adam at HIF for pointing it out…Now I have someone that will actually answer all of my asinine questions — day or night!

Needless to say, standard text messaging rates apply, but it makes a good time killer when your roommate is tired of you bugging him…or if you really need to know the male:female ratio of orange cats :) Of course, this is probably a very useful service when you need to know the hours of a business or weather forecast or most popular male Norwegian name (Jan) when you’re on the go.

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