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One of these days I’m going to get around to upgrading my blog. Really, I swear, I am. One of these days when I’m not pressed for time with school or work…Or shopping for the latest deal ;)

Unfortunately, LJ gives me very few options for customizing, and you have to pay for all the fancy schmancy features, which I’m not interested in doing. I’d rather move to wordpress or something more suited to my purposes.

To be fair, LJ is great for a personal online journal, jotting down random thoughts and networking amongst friends/family, which was sort of the intention of my very first posts. I started out by documenting my trip to the Philippines and then writing down whatever random thoughts I had for the day. I knew absolutely nothing about web formatting or html. Slowly, I’ve learned a bit here and there, and I’m finding that I’m pretty limited to what I can include on this basic (free) version of LJ. Clearly, I’ve outgrown LJ, and my blogging has become much more focused. I’m now more interested in blogging about my deals and recipes (hence the name Dealish). I’d like to expand my audience, and make it easier to customize. 

There are two things in particular I’m really looking forward to changing:
1) not having every commenter be anonymous 
2) being able to include bloglists (LJ only lets me have 10 links! Bah!) 

But for now, let me link you to two of my favorite Arizona blogs which I read on a daily basis.  I like to browse them for local grocery store or drug store deals that I might have missed. I also enjoy seeing all the pictures of their loot! KC at Desert Deals Diva also has great tips on vacationing (her recent tip on free one-night stays at hotels almost sounds too good to be true!).

Desert Deals Diva
Frugal Makes Cents

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