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I had a pretty good night shopping at Walgreens. In four trips, I spent a total of $71.73, which includes a set of three replacement heads for my Oral B Sonic Complete sonic toothbrush. I will be receiving $74 in EasySaver rebates. Since I elect to receive the rebates in the form of Walgreens gift cards, I will get another 10% back, or $7.40. So, after all that shopping, I still made a profit of $9.67!  According to my receipts, I also had a total savings of $85.50, which is a combination of Walgreens sale prices and coupons.

In addition to the toothbrush heads, I also got three refills for my Airwick Freshmatic, which has been out of commission for a while — so I’m particularly pleased about those. I also got LOADS of other stuff, like calcium supplements, aspirin, water filters for a pitcher I don’t even own…all of which will either go on eBay or get given away.

The best part? None of this was out of my pocket. That $71.73 I spent was all in the form of Walgreens gift cards that I’ve just been recycling over the past year from profit I’ve made on other deals.

I’m REALLY digging those $5/20 coupons. I used four of them today alone. Let’s hope they don’t stop distributing them.

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