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Creative Tummy Talk

I received a sample of Kashi Vive cereal in the mail the other day. This cereal is new and exciting because it contains PROBIOTICS! Woohoo! Good little buggies to help your tummy. I swear, probiotics  and liveactive are major buzz words in the grocery biz these days. Is there anything they won’t put probiotics in?!?

Along with the mini box of cereal came a FREE coupon for Kashi Vive (yay! I admit, I may have even squealed a little).  You’d think this would have been exciting enough! But, no, it gets better. Also enclosed was a card with “creative phrasing” tips – designed to make your awkward tummy moments less awkward. I just had to come share some of my favorites.

These are a hoot:

  • “feeling bubbly” = gassy (this one is my favorite…it’s even more fun when you say bubbly in a British accent…LOL)
  • “experiencing inflation” = bloated
  • “on pause” = haven’t gone in a while

Man, thanks to IBS, I can be bubbly, inflated, and on pause all at the same time
I know, I know you’re totally jealous.

3 Responses to “Creative Tummy Talk”

  1. Anonymous says:


    So much for keep the products you recivce a secret :)

  2. admin says:

    Re: ….

    Silly boy, this was part of a mommy forum, not some secret survey club. They just send out free samples randomly and coupons to distribute. I’m sure they’re more than happy for me to pass the word about the product.

    Now, why I’m a member of a mommy forum is another topic entirely…lol.

  3. Anonymous says:

    here another coupon for the queen!


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