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For an entire week, some of the finer restaurants around the valley will be offering a 3-course meal for $29 per person, or $58 per couple.


According to a poster on Chowhound, the following establishments have signed up for the 3-course meal deal:

Don and Charlie’s
The Greene House
Olive & Ivy
Roaring Fork
Ruth’s Chris (on Scottsdale Road)
Sol y Sombra
Zinc Bistro

Ok, can you imagine how stoked I am? I’ve seen a few of these establishments at the West of Western culinary festival I volunteer at every year, and I’ve sampled their mouthwatering wares. But, unfortunately, most of their menus fall outside my grad student’s budget.

I think I’m most curious about eating at Tarbell’s. Mark Tarbell won an Iron Chef competition against Cat Cora on the Food Network, which is no small feat. I think Iron Chef-worthy food may be worth $30. Although, I was seriously unimpressed by his offering of chocolate dipped apple pieces at the West of Western (completely lacked originality and effort).

I remember the Greene House being at the West of Western, but I don’t remember what I sampled or if I liked it. This is two years in a row that I’m kicking myself for not taking notes of some kind.

Sol y Sambra seems like it would be a fun, hip, upbeat place to go — anyplace that serves sangria and tapas is a place I’d try at least once ;) I’m thinking this might be a good girl’s night out destination.

What a great excuse to try some new places!


2 Responses to “Arizona Restaurant Week: Sept 20 – 26, 2008”

  1. Anonymous says:

    tapas and sangria, eh??

    Another great (not too expensive) restaurant is Fuego Bistro. It’s off 7th street a little north of TrentCinq and Lisa G’s. They make this incredible sangria and serve a wide variety of Spanish foods. It’s even located in a cute little Spanish courtyard with out door seating! It’s a must try!

  2. admin says:

    Re: tapas and sangria, eh??

    Man, if I ever get myself out of the kitchen (and if Mike has anything to say about it, that won’t ever happen!), I HAVE to try all these restaurants you keep telling me about!!!

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