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The Ultimate GREEN Bag

Bashas’ and Shamrock Farms are teaming up to help the environment. If you buy an earth-friendly “ultimate GREEN bag” and use it while shopping at Bashas’, you will save on your purchase of Shamrock farms each month. For the month of May, you will receive 10% off all Shamrock Farms products when you use the ultimate GREEN bag.


Sounds good to me! Shouldn’t I get hook-ups to these earth-friendly shopping bags from my Bashas’ employed family members?

2 Responses to “The Ultimate GREEN Bag”

  1. Anonymous says:


    Too bad you and I cant have anything from Shamrock farms! Plus Are not Cows Earth Unfriendly due to the carbon they produce?

  2. admin says:

    Re: :(

    Good point. Apparently, according to some sources the methane produced by cows (mostly though belches) contributes to more greenhouse gas emissions than the transportation sector. At least this is solvable though…the methane can be captured and reused for power generation for example, like landfill gases currently are. And cow burps COULD be considered carbon neutral, since the carbon they release into the atmosphere is just the carbon absorbed from the atmosphere by the plants they eat, not something dredged up from two miles underground where it’s been sitting for hundreds of millions of years. Fossil fuel consumption is more of a problem, in my opinion.

    But interesting topic! And right along the lines of my graduate term project I’m working on.

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