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It’s Business Time

One of the top ten songs ever. I heart Flight of the Conchords. And New Zealanders are just plain sexy ;)


“2 minutes in Heaven is better than 1 minute in Heaven.”

“You go sort out the recycling…that’s not part of it, but it’s still very important.”

“You know when I’m down to just my socks it’s time for business, that’s why they call it BUSINESS SOCKS!”

2 Responses to “It’s Business Time”

  1. kledus says:

    yeah FOTC is awesome! I watched the whole 1st season on this tour. If you haven’t seen thme all you should do it NOW

  2. admin says:

    I may never get any work done if I do that. But tempting, VERY tempting….

    You know, my birthday is in a few months…(haha, and yes I know yours is sooner). I may not be able to wait that long though…

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