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Apparently kangaroo farts are magical and don’t contain methane. Researchers in Australia are trying to figure out why, so they can genetically modify cows so their farts will no longer contribute to global warming:


Haha, the things I find on the internet. Can you imagine being those scientists? And who had the job of collecting the kangaroo farts?

Thanks Jacob, for inspiring me to go on the wildest Google searches!

In all seriousness though, I see this as sort of a waste in research money. First of all, I thought most of the methane produced from cows comes from their belches, not farts? Secondly, the methane could just be captured and reused for power generation for example, like landfill gases currently are. And cow burps COULD be considered carbon neutral, since the carbon they release into the atmosphere is just the carbon absorbed from the atmosphere by the plants they eat, not something dredged up from two miles underground where it’s been sitting for hundreds of millions of years. Fossil fuel consumption is more of a problem, in my opinion.

And THAT, my friends, is why I’ve been slaving over a graduate term project to reduce CO2 emissions through concentrating solar power (CSP)!

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