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I guess there are other perks to having credit cards besides getting cash back! As a “valued Citi mtvU card member,” I just won two tickets to a Say Anything concert on Saturday, April 12th at the Clubhouse in Tempe. I even get to meet and greet the band.

Never mind that I’ve never heard of Say Anything  before this ;) Actually, oddly enough, a friend played me one of their songs this last Saturday on his cell phone. He wanted me to hear a song by his favorite band…weird coincidence.

Anyhow, this friend who absolutely LOVES the band will be out of town as a best man in his friend’s wedding. He about had an aneurism when he found out that he was missing out on meeting the band. He was nice enough to burn me one of their CDs though, and the music isn’t bad. It’s indie/punk/pop…here’s my favorite song so far:

A Walk Through Hell

Max (the lead singer) wrote that song about his mother. It’s really sweet…basically he’d walk through hell to save her. All of the songs have really complicated lyrics.

So, now I just need to find someone else who really likes the band and will be at least halfway excited about meeting them!

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