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Spring Break in Vegas

Just sending a quick shout out from Vegas. I had planned on going backpacking for spring break, since I so rarely get such a big chunk of time off and I needed to get away. But those plans fell through, and I was sitting around being lazy when I got invited to Vegas. I figured, why not, I have no plans…so here I am! I got here last night. We’re staying in Planet Hollywood, and my room has a killer view of the fountains at Bellagio. Last night I had dinner at Koi, which is a seafood/sushi restaurant at PH, which was seriously some good stuff. We had seafood miso soup to start with (eh, it was so-so), followed by the hashimi sashimi plate and seafood tempura, which was light and greaseless and highly recommended. I was disappointed they were out of the crispy rice with tuna, which I have heard good things about…so if I ever come again, I’ll have to try it ;) And the flank steak as well….the toro sashimi sounded absolutely heavenly, but at $40 a plate, it was a bit out of our budget ;)

After dinner I went to a VIP after-party for the promotion of the movie “21” here in Planet Hollywood. I saw both Kevin Spacey and Kate Bosworth there…Kate was SO stick thin, even skinnier than she looks in all the tabloids. It was actually quite sad, how all the “normal” people stood gaping about, eagerly snapping photographs, and the stars were corralled in this little roped off area, like cattle on display.  I wouldn’t give up my privacy for all the stardom in the world. 

I was probably most impressed by the food spread at the after-party…had we not eaten prior, we could have absolutely gorged on the food there. This was probably every Las Vegas buffet-goer’s dream. There was the biggest, plumpest shrimp cocktail I’d ever seen or even tasted. The sushi there was actually quite bad, but they had quite the variety being made on the spot and the hoards of people lining up weren’t complaining.

I’m off to go try out the gym in PH…it closes at 7, so I didn’t get my workout in yesterday….arg.  It also costs a ridiculous $25 a day to use…and after that, I’ll be hitting the strip. My friend is working, so I’ll actually be seeing the sights alone until we meet up again later on. It’s been a nice, relaxing, albeit spontaneous change of pace. I’ve also been reading “No Country for Old Men” by Cormac Mccarthy (I swore off reading all his books after being forced to read All the Pretty Horses in HS…but now I realize I do enjoy reading them for pleasure only.  Once you get past his annoying non-use of quotation marks!).  From what I’ve read so far, the movie is AMAZINGLY true to the book, probably the best movie adaptation of a book I’ve ever seen. It really captured the essence of Cormac’s writing…and did it in Academy Award winning fashion, no less.

That’s all for now ;) Ciao!

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