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Ever wonder why your thighs or other problem areas get all jiggly and cottage cheese-like the more exercise you do? I have! Especially those moments after getting off the treadmill. I mean, if you’re working out more, shouldn’t you be getting firmer, and not all jiggly??

According to John Hussman, here’s the reason for fat getting looser and more jiggly:

If you’ve been sedentary for a long time, your fat probably hasn’t seen an ounce of circulation since high school. This causes your fat to turn thick and hard, or “blubbery” (yes, Scrabble fans, that is a word). Marine animals have this sort of fat deposit, called a “blubber lay”. When you start working out consistently, some of you may find that your fat or cellulite becomes more like Jell-O initially. In whales (forgive me – this is not personal), increased activity also forces a change in circulation strategy so that there is increased blood flow near the body’s surface. I suspect that this occurs in humans as well, so you may be a little “pink” for even hours after a good workout.

http://www.hussmanf itness.org/ html/TSInsideOut .html

So there you have it. The less exercise you do, the harder your fat will be. Interesting…very interesting. 

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