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Is it excessive to devour an entire clamshell of juicy red strawberries and a pint of blueberries all in one setting? I think I just got my sugar intake for the day! LOL. At a whopping $2.25 I think I could afford it…

Yes. You heard right. RUN to Sprouts if you want any, though, because at 4 for $5 the strawberries are flying off the shelves. I literally saw people filling their carts with like 50 packages. I think they must own a restaurant or something? I got 5, and now that I downed one in the car, I’m thinking that may not be enough…Oh yeah, and blueberries were on sale for 99 cents as well. Yummy.

And I’m all stocked on buffalo! Woohoo! Buffalo burgers for me, baby…oh yeah.

Today was a happy shopping day.

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