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I interrupt this irregularly scheduled silence for an all-important announcement:

Sprouts Buffalo Stampede
February 20-27th
While Supplies Last!
All Cuts Available!

  • Fewer calories than beef, chicken or pork
  • Hormone & antibiotic free
  • High in iron & protein
  • Heart healthy
  • Low in fat

Fresh Cut! $4.99/lb

I can’t find this fresh anywhere around here (usually have to pay up the butt for frozen), so I got SO excited when I saw the flyer announcing this. This is for you Jacob — my fellow buffalo meatloaf lover!! Mmmmmmmm.

One Response to “FRESH Buffalo at Sprouts Feb 20-27th!!”

  1. Anonymous says:


    looks like a good price, you can now get fresh Buffalo at whole foods (the new one at ray and 101) but it is probably more.

    I first read FREE buffalo and was all excited! O well :) Cheep works good 2, I’ll have to share this with lisa :)


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