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(Love ya sis!) I know you love Nordstrom Rack just as much, if not more than me! (P.S. Don’t hate me because of the AMAZING deals I got!)

Yesterday, I suddenly had the urge to go buy a new dress and some close-toed shoes, since it’s not exactly tank top dress and flip-flop season. I realized that I really am sick of wearing jeans everyday, and I miss my dresses, so off to Nordstrom Rack I went. Who would have thought that I, Heather Stanfield, would have turned into a dress wearing, high heel loving, dangly earring sporting, girly girl

Little did I know, that for the past week, Nordstrom Rack has been having this amazing sale…50% off all regular priced dresses, and 25% off all other clothes…plus there were soooooo many other markdowns it was unreal. I found two dresses that I absolutely love. And some new shoes!! The shoes, of course, were regular priced and more than the dresses combined. Go figure.

This one was marked $40, so I got it for $20 after the discount! Woot! It’s all satiny and gorgeous, and I love it.

And this one was 60% off the lowest marked price, so I got it for $12! I love the color, it’s a nice bright blue, and it can be worn in the summer sans tights as well.

And those are my new shoes too. They’re shiny and black with a little bow accent and a cute little heel.

So that’s my exciting trip to Nordstrom Rack! I got everything I was hoping for, and more!

7 Responses to “This Post is Dedicated to My Sister”

  1. iliak1 says:


    Hey Heather,

    Looking awesome. :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    you would…

  3. Anonymous says:


    Nice Dresses loose the leggings, I swear the 80s are coming back to haunt me!
    What’s up with the closet is this like a new form of horizontal poll dancing?


  4. kledus says:

    dang it! I need some new dresses! I’m soooo jealous!…..ok…maybe not. but you look cute :)

  5. admin says:

    Oh, but David, I think you’d totally rock the 80’s tights look! Just make sure they’re not too tight so you and Gena can reproduce some nice smart alecky rugrats someday! :P

  6. admin says:

    Re: Dresses

    Muahahahahaha. I loved the 80’s! Thundercats are GO!!!!
    No, but seriously, what else am I supposed to wear under dresses in the winter? Hmmm? And shhhhh, don’t give away my poll dancing secrets!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Re: Dresses


    Or you could go classic black tights, I’m just not a fan of the Capri tights

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