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Once is still my favorite movie of the year (2007), but since that was not nationally released, and barely anyone has heard of it (such a shame!),  my second favorite so far would have to be Juno. I just saw it on Saturday, and I’m looking forward to its release so I can add it to my collection.

It’s fun, it’s quirky, and it handles a sensitive topic (teenage pregnancy) in a very responsible manner.  Once you get past the initial “chair scene,” it’s even a morally sound movie, if you can believe it. I found many reviews on pro-life forums pushing the movie. 

I personally loved the witty lines. One of my favorites, from when she takes her third (positive) pregnancy test: “That ain’t no etch a sketch. This is one diddle that can’t be undid, home skillet.” Many critics complain about the rapid fire delivery and over the top “indieness” of the movie — saying no one realistically talks like that, and the writers were trying too hard to be different. I loved it, I laughed at the hilarious quips, and was extremely pleased when some of the scenes could have made a turn for the worse but they didn’t (the Bateman/Juno scene in particular).

I REALLY enjoyed how it was written for all generations. It’s a coming-of-age tale which everyone can appreciate, since we’ve all been 16 and thought we knew everything …until something happened that made us realize we had a lot more growing up to do.  The language is very hip and modern, and will obviously appeal to the teenagers in the audience. I swear the writers had to be from my generation, though, with all the 80’s references. I loved how when Juno’s water broke, she yelled to her dad “THUNDERCATS ARE GO!” I’m certain the 16-yr-olds in the audience probably didn’t get that reference. I really liked the soundtrack, it was quirky like the rest of the movie. I am tempted to look up the soundtrack on i-Tunes.

Oh, and the lead actress that plays Juno, Ellen Page, is phenomenal. She carries the weight of the movie on her shoulders very capably.

Two thumbs WAY up!

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