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This is an activity which belongs in the “bored money” category. In other words, it’s definitely not the most efficient use of your time. But if you have some downtime at work or school with internet access, you might as well pull in a little extra cash for a completely mindless activity. 

How It Works:
You earn points with MyPoints by visiting websites through a MyPoints email or directly from the MyPoints site. You usually earn 5 points by clicking on the link in each email. You can earn additional points for completing trial offers, filling out surveys, registering for different websites, and actually buying stuff through the huge MyPoints shopping portal. 

My suggestion: Set up a completely separate email address just for your MyPoints account. Then when you sign up, earn an easy 60 points by completing your profile. When it asks about your interests, click on EVERY SINGLE box. This will boost your points potential by maximizing the number of advertising emails you receive. I typically receive about 3-5 MyPoints emails a day. 

Option 1: Redeem Points for Free Gift Cards
You can redeem your points for gift cards to your favorite merchants, like Amazon, Macy’s, Starbucks, or JCPenney. For example, a $10 Target gift card is 1,500 points. It looks like a $10 REI gift certificate is an even better deal, at 1,400 points. For the REI gift certificate, that is 0.71 cents a point. Or 3.5 cents per email. 

Option 2: Redeem Points for Free Frequent Flyer Miles
I, myself, am saving up my points for frequent flyer miles. So far, since joining on 10/26/06, I have accumulated 4150 points. I am waiting to redeem 5000 points for 2500 United Mileage Plus Miles. So that’s 1/2 mile per point, or 2.5 miles per email you click on. This is a sneaky little way for me to accumulate free miles so that I can eventually go on a FREE plane trip! (Another easy way to earn free United miles is by registering your Safeway Club card here. You get 125 miles for every $250 you spend on groceries.) 

How to enroll:
If you want to join MyPoints, you can just go to their website and register. OR you can ask me to send you a referral email, and I’ll get some points at no cost to you. Through 12/31, I receive 250 points for each person that signs up and accumulates 250 points due to a holiday promotion. 

2 Responses to “MyPoints: Get Paid for Clicking on Spam”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think at some point you have to draw the line, the amount of time you spend doing this vs. the potential other things you could be doing doesn’t equal out. We are talking about clicking ~285 emails for a $10 gift card…

    Considering miles are worth about a cent or in this case less, miles aren’t much better.

    I would recommended creating something really cool that you could sell with the time your clicking emails. :) Like a book on how to get unbelievable deals.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Re: …

    I agree with you 100%. I told you this was a horribly inefficient use of your time — BUT, I never spend my free time doing this. Usually I’m in class taking notes (I love wireless), or checking email or doing five other things at once. You can pull up the emails, click on the links (open them in new tabs in firefox) and let them load in the background. It really is painless and mindless. If you were Mark it would take one billionth of a second per email, LOL.

    I don’t think I’m wasting any time really…just doubling up on time I’d be doing something else. Now, I never watch TV, but if I did, I would consider that a HORRIBLE waste of my time. But if you have a laptop, at least you could click on MySpace emails while you’re watching TV and generate some cents ;)

    And some people have deskjobs where they’re sitting around. Might as well get paid on top of getting paid, no matter how piddly it is.

    Thanks for the recommendation :) That would take 100 million times longer than I ever spend clicking emails, haha.

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