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This is another one of those “too good to be true” deals. But, as usual, I have done my research and even tried it out before posting, so I know that it is legit.  And if you’re still skeptical after this long explanation…then don’t try it!

YourGiftCards.com — Earn “FREE” Gift Cards!
Basically, there are online sites that pay you for completing certain offers. Offers can be anything from trying out NetFlix, to ordering a teeth whitening system. Some offers cost more than others, so ideally you want to choose something that makes you the most profit. For example, if you sign up with www.yourgiftcards.com, and complete any of their offers, you will receive a $50 gift card of your choice. You can select Red Lobster, Blockbuster, AMC, KMart, etc. Here’s my recommendation, though. Select the $50 Visa Gift Card, and they will send you a $50 check instead — which you can then use on anything you want. You can complete multiple offers and earn as many $50 gift cards as you want. You can’t duplicate an offer, and you will have to fill out a W9 and pay taxes on anything you earn over $600.

My Recommended Offer: The 2008 Entertainment Book

Log onto www.yourgiftcards.com and click on their Happenings/Entertainment Book link where you can buy a 2008 Happenings/Entertainment Book, and then you receive a $50 check (make sure you click on $50 visa gift card when signing in) in the mail after printing and sending in their fulfillment certificate. Make sure to read the fine print.  I had trouble creating a password for my yourgiftcards account after I ordered the book (they never sent me an email with my password), so I just called their customer service at 1-801-316-0555. They set up my password instantly over the phone. Once you order the book, it takes 10-15 days for them to confirm that you did the offer.  I ordered the book on 11/07/07, it was shipped on 11/13/07, and delivered on 11/20/07. The offer was approved on 11/25/07, and I printed out and mailed the fulfillment certificate, and now I’m just waiting for my $50 check. I’ve read the testimony of others doing 6 or more of their other offers and receiving a $50 check in the mail for each after completing the terms.

Update: As of 12/08/07, my gift status is “confirmed.” This means they have received my fulfillment certificates and my gift is entering the order process!

Act now!
Here’s the kicker — if you buy before December 31st, you get $10 off the retail price AND free shipping!! So the Phoenix book would cost only $20. I paid $25 for mine, so this is a better deal than even I got! PLUS, you will get the $50 gift card (or check) from yourgiftcards.com, making you a total profit of $30!

What’s Inside?
This book is hefty!!  Since each city has their own discounts, I can only brag about the Phoenix book. There are four $5/$50 Safeway coupons, which right away almost cover the cost of the book (and remember, in the long run, we’re making money on this book!!! what a deal!!!). There are a ton (according to the book, over 335) of Casual Dining coupons, mostly for buy-one-get-one-free. The fast food includes Sonic, Arby’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, A&W, Whataburger and Blimpie’s. The annoying thing is that very few are valid at all Phoenix metro locations. For example, the Arby’s coupons are only valid at the Camelback and Thomas locations. The likelihood of me being in that neighborhood with my book to cash in my coupons? Close to nil. But that’s okay, I don’t really eat fast food anyway, and there are quite a few decent restaurants listed on Mill and in the Chandler/Tempe/Awhatukee areas.

Let’s see. There is a whole discount section on Travel & Hotels as well. There is a 5% off any American Airlines fare for up to six passengers. That would come in handy for a large family trip. You can save up to 20% off on your next stay at most of the large hotel chains, including Best Western, Ramada, Days Inn, Comfort Inn, Travel Lodge, and Super 8 Motel. You can also save up to 50% off some pretty fancy hotels and resorts throughout  the United States. The ones listed for Sedona are L’Auberge De Sedona, Sedona Springs Resort, and Villas of Poco Diablo. There are lots of car rental coupons, and up to $100 per stateroom savings on a Carnival cruise.

Whew, I’m getting tired. This book really is huge!! There are two more sections: Entertainment & Sports, and Retail & Services. In the entertainment section, you have amusement parks and miniature golf and Kiwanis batting cages and the Phoenix Science Center and museums. The list goes on and on.  In the Retail & Services section you have mechanics, haircuts, eyeglasses, airport parking and family portraits. Here’s one that caught my eye: 25% off the purchase of one item at Family Christian Stores. Oooooh, and there’s whole pages of dry cleaning discounts, for 50% off your order, which I will definitely be using! Huh, I just noticed a page of 50% off car wash coupons. What do you know, my car needs a wash BADLY too.

Bottom Line
This is a great deal if you already buy the Entertainment Book every year. And if you don’t, well you’ll make at least $30 just by ordering one. Plus they make a great gift, and with Christmas coming up…you can choose the city your family or friends live in and give them a year of savings!! Now that’s a gift that would make me happy, haha.

I don’t make anything at all from you buying this. I’m just THAT excited because it’s such a good deal.  If you feel this is too much of a hassle, and you would rather JUST BUY the book instead, then you can help me out and buy one here. You will still get $10 off and free shipping, but you won’t be fiddling with the free $50 gift card.

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    Nice deal,
    -Jacob, I still got to get those chase coupons from you…

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  3. […] not familiar with the coupons in the Entertainment Book, see my review of a previous year’s book here.  At the beginning of the year, the Entertainment Book is always $25, so this is a really good […]

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