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There are some spectacular deals going on this holiday season. Some are real moneymakers and have me foregoing the usual holiday baking for — you guessed it — shopping!

Below is the loot from my Target shopping trip on Saturday. (This is also the shopping trip that had me walking home from Target with bags and bags of stuff, as I locked my keys in the car. Two days after I locked myself out of my house all day. I think my mind has taken an unofficial leave of absence!)

I got everything pictured (12 Glade Flameless Candles, 6 packages of Post-its, 4 bottles of Purell, two glade scented oil candles and two scented oil candle refills) for -$23.81! Yup, they paid me overage, in the form of Target gift cards, to take all this stuff! There was a promotion where you got a $5 gift card for every Glade Flameless Candle you bought, and there were BOGO free coupons and $3 off coupons out, so for every two you bought, you got a $10 gift card + $9.79 off (BOGO cpn) + $3 off = at LEAST $3 overage. I had coupons that gave overage on most of the other things as well.

Haha, I was pretty excited about my profit at the time, but now in retrospect, this is pretty piddly compared to the other deals going on…granted, I spent all of maybe an hour shopping, not including walking home time :P  If I wasn’t running around all week getting ready for Christmas, I could have printed out more coupons, made a couple extra trips and REALLY stocked up on the Flameless Candles! To think, they retail for $9.99 EACH!

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