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Mark came along last night for our annual Thanksgiving Eve Dinner at my grandparent’s house. Which means we had a photographer to capture some of the raucousness. Here’s the link to my Picasa web album:

071121 – Thanksgiving Eve Dinner

I’ve included some of the highlights below.

Thanksgiving centerpiece: You can always tell what holiday it is by the decorations on my grandma’s table.

My grandma getting feisty: I gave my mom this grabby tool for fishing out coupons and other treasures in the recycling bins. Needless to say, it provided much entertainment for my family last night.

My mom and her dancing eyeball:
A birthday gift from my Aunt Pam. She’s rather famous for her interesting gifts.

My grandpa’s chair: Uncharacteristically empty. Beautiful lighting though.

Three generations: My mom, my grandma, and me.

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