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Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone is enjoying their time with family. I’m especially enjoying this gorgeous weather we’re having. Here it is November 22nd, and I’m still wearing shorts and our doors are wide open. Pretty incredible.

I decided to be a loving daughter and bake John his favorite cookies.  Peanut butter chocolate chip. Unbeknownst to me, they are also my aunt Teresa’s favorite cookies as well. Hehe, I scored double brownie points this Thanksgiving! They aren’t too bad, actually. I just finished off half a stack myself…d’oh. Must. Show. Restraint.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I belive

    I belive that would be refered to as cookie points


  2. Anonymous says:


    You are a real gem, Darlin’! You have no idea how happy you made John with those cookies! He was REALLY generous, & took 2 to his boss, Shirley. She raved about them & wants the recipe. She said it was a good thing he gave her 2, cause no way was 1 enough. You are 1 heck of a cookie baker! Love you bunches, & Thank Mark again for all of his nice photos!

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