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Halloween Pics

I know everyone is waiting in nail-biting anticipation to see my Halloween costume….

Well, wait no further.

I went as….

Ms. Red M&M!!

The sexy red peek-a-boo heels REALLY made the outfit (and are the reason why, two days later, my feet still KILL me)…however, the person taking this picture was lucky to even get my head in the shot…he couldn’t see past his clown wig and big red nose.

This is Greg, my friend Christie’s boyfriend…who is deathly afraid ofclowns, so to face his fear and try to trick everyone at the party, he dressed as a clown and showed up with me…he didn’t talk for the first thirty minutes, and I pretended he was “Chris” from my biology class. It tricked most people…some of the women could tell it was Greg from the eyes.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    what a lovely M&M!!!

    You make a beautiful M&M Darlin’! Love you, Mom

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