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I bet some people are wondering what happened to me? I’ve been dealing with some heavy stuff….mainly a break-up…after being happy for the first time in a long time…it’s times like these when I feel really really fragile. I will survive…barely. And I’ll probably put myself out there again…

My fibro is flaring bad, I have no desire to shop or hunt for bargains, Halloween is coming up and I have no costume, and school is getting to me. I sleep, but I don’t really sleep.

In other news, Mark and I have made peace at last. He is finally in a better, happier place…I only wish it didn’t take him so long to reach it. I can look back with clarity, and see how strongly his depression impacted me…and I hope to never be drug down like that again.

Whoa. Deep stuff.

One Response to “Things will return to normal soon…”

  1. iliak1 says:

    Hey Heather

    Yup you couldn’t wait around forever for me to get to the person you needed me to be.
    That’s ok, I wish I hadn’t wasted so much of your time.
    Found it hard to let go since your light burned so bright, couldn’t believe you really wanted to be with me. Got me nervous and insecure. :P
    As for getting dumped, you’re worth more than any guy who is afraid to walk the path with you.
    Best wishes for your future.

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