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My -$0.32 Shopping Trip

So last night I went to Fry’s armed with my two free cheese coupons. The cheese packs there are priced $4.19 — and the coupons scanned as $4.50. So I got 62 cents overage toward the rest of my order :-)

My favorite deodorant (Arrid XX) is also on sale at Fry’s for 10/$10.  This stuff NEVER goes on sale this cheap. And I was just down to my last stick too, so it’s wonderful timing. So thanks to my wonderful mom sending me some $0.55 coupons (which double to $1), I was able to get a stockpile of my favorite deodorant for FREE!!

In the end, I came away with 14 sticks of Arrid XX, 2 packages of the Live Culture cheese, and several protein bars for a grand total of -$0.32. Yup, that’s right, Fry’s PAID me money to take all that. Apparently the self-service machines allow you to get change back.

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