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I was able to print out two free coupons using the following technique:

1. GO to the prevention link!
2. Disable your pop-up blocker.
3. Look for the Kraft Live Active Ad (It’s green and when it starts it’s like a pair of scissors clipping around a coupon.) I found the ad across the top of the page, on the side or on the bottom at different times, so as you refresh make sure you check all three areas.
4. When you click the ad, the coupon printer should pop up. After you print the first time, just keep clicking the same ad again and again. It gives a different ID in the url each time you click it. NO need to keep refreshing after you find the original ad.

Some people have reported printing up to ten of these from the same ad. Good luck!

(and no, Jacob, I won’t be eating these…but my roommates will appreciate free cheese!)

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    Nice!!! I get mentioned in your blog now! :)

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