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Fibro QOTD

A.J. Langer (remember Rayanne from My So Called Life??? I loved that show!) is on the cover of the current issue of Fibromyalgia AWARE magazine.  I didn’t know she had fibro! Apparently she’s been a public spokesmodel for the disease since 2002.

Here’s a quote of hers that I liked (I bolded my favorite line):

“I know what love feels like. That is one thing I have found. That is one thing that is much clearer because of fibromyalgia. Because once you experience real pain you recognize the vibration, the feeling of being healthy, happy and loved. If I’m not living from my heart, I get sick. I need to do things that feed my soul, like being with people I love, or playing my guitar, or listening to music.” From Fibromyalgia Aware magazine.

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