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This is cute…

See how hard my mom’s cat, Osa, works at couponing? She’s EXHAUSTED!!

4 Responses to “This is cute…”

  1. Anonymous says:

    She is glad you used the more flattering pose!

  2. Anonymous says:


    WOw even your cats do the couponing, this must be a enviormental trait that can be learned. I can set up a army of cats to clip coupon and smart dog to bring me the right one and keep the cats in line. All for mear pet food which you can aperently get free at CVS so they will pay for themselfs. Now if I can figure out a way to have them self addressed stamped envolopes the world is mine mwhahahahahah

  3. Anonymous says:

    Re: WOW

    Very nice. Aaron would be proud.


  4. admin says:

    Re: WOW

    Hahahahahaha, wow, you seriously cracked me up with that. Good one Jacob.

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