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Retail Therapy

Yesterday I went shopping at Macy’s to take advantage of the $10 off $25 coupon that was good from 10am-1pm Fri and Sat only. The best part about it was that the coupon was good on all clearance, which was marked down an additional 30% both days. I ended up getting  a smoking deal on a Calvin Klein bathing suit and new summer dress. The bathing suit was originally $78 for the top and $52 for the bottoms. (Holy crap, can you believe anyone would pay $130 for a bikini?!?!?!?! A lot of people must have though, because this was the only one left in the entire store!!!)  I got the entire suit for $30 after clearance and coupon. Plus I got an absolutely adorable Speechless dress originally priced $68 for only $14!! I heart Macy’s.

It made it even better  (in my mind) that I sold ~$50 worth of clothes on Ebay last week, so out with the old, in with the new!

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