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Random Update

I haven’t had much time to write lately…been getting my butt kicked by a cold AND school. That little sore throat turned into a horrible full-fledged body-whooping cold/bout of allergies. I would have rather stayed in bed for 7 days straight, but unfortunately I had an exam and lab reports due. By the time Friday hit, I was totally sleep deprived and weak. Having two labs back to back (Thursday evening and Friday morning) makes the end of my week very L-O-N-G and tortuous, especially when I have exams like last week and this week.

This week is also pretty work intensive (case study + exam + 2 reports), but other than being physically beat up and sore from my canyoneering adventure this past weekend, I am pretty much back to 100% health. I should be in much better shape to tackle the week ahead.

In other news, I received my free boca wrap coupon today! Anyone else get theirs?

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