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Labor Day Weekend

I hope everyone had a fun and safe labor day weekend. I just got back from a trip to San Diego with a group of friends from Intel (it seems ALL of my friends work at Intel these days, but who am I to complain? At least I have friends!) I actually only knew three or four of the group of fourteen people that went, so I got to meet a lot of really cool outdoorsy types that I’m sure I’ll be seeing again on future trips. We camped at Campland, which is this huge, Walmart-size parking lot covered in dirt and teeming with kids and families of every possible socioeconomic background. Just picture the Disneyland ofcampgrounds, with constant Mariachi music.

We spent the days surfing at Mission Beach and sea-kayaking at La Jolla Beach. By “we” I really mean the rest of the group — I gave surfing a try on Saturday and did not like it one bit.  I retired to the beach after getting thrashed to pieces by the waves and having my eyes burn out of their sockets (the burning eyes was the biggest deterrant — it’s really hard to focus, let alone SEE, when your eyes burn like someone just poured acid directly onto them).

I am really quite proud of myself for not getting totally fried to a crisp. The bridge of my nose is pink (earning me the nickname Rudolph), but the rest of my body is pretty unscathed. Mostly because I remained in my full-body wetsuit the entire day on Saturday, even after I was done surfing. I figured this was a lot easier than reapplying sunscreen every 15 minutes.  I also wore a towel around my head in Arab fashion, and even borrowed white socks (yes, I wore socks at the beach!) when the tops of my feet started to burn. I looked pretty ridiculous (okay, I looked extremely ridiculous), and pretty much everyone made fun of me for wearing a wetsuit the entire day without going in the water, but heck, I managed to preserve my albino white skin.

After one full day in the sun, I didn’t really feel like boating out on the ocean without cover (plus it was sort of expensive), so I opted out of kayaking on Sunday and hung out on the beach. We first tried to create a ghetto shelter out of a sheet and some tree branches tied together with plastic grocery bags, but that didn’t work out so well. So we eventually chased down a guy who worked for the hotel and offered to tip him if he lent us some umbrellas and beach chairs. Today, I got smart, rented a beach umbrella at the surf shop for only $5, and chilled in the shade for half a day while some of the more resilient people returned to the waves to give surfing another go. So, essentially, I spent three days laying on the sand, drifting in and out of sleep and reading a book. Totally relaxing!! And once I figured out that I could rent a beach umbrella, I was even happier. The wiggle your toes back and forth in the sand kind of happy.

Now I have to unpack and return to the daily grind of school. Oy vey.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like a good time :)

    You didnt do too bad for a white girl at a beach, only a little red on the nose, not bad at all :) Hey I know they look ridicules but they have these things called goggles they keep the acid out of your eyes. They cant look worse than socks and a wet suite! I want pictures ? People can be sooo mean!

    Anyway whats up with this Oy vey, have you been hanging around a Jewish Mother or something ?

    Enjoy the week.

    (side note, I just had a very weird case of déjà vu, you know you have a weird dream that you remember waking up and month or maybe years later it comes true… Or maybe you just think you had a dream it was so long ago you don’t really remember.)

  2. admin says:

    Re: Sounds like a good time :)

    Hahaha, only a fellow whitey can completely appreciate my lack of back blistering sunburn!

    And you bring up a valid point about the goggles…I actually brought those, believe it or not…and I thought about wearing them, but yes, I would have looked extremely silly….and I chose to look silly on the sand versus in the water. I guess I was also tired of trying to fight the waves just to get out far enough to wipe out and start all over again.

    I will post pictures of the wet suit + socks as soon as I get them from the others. (Christie insisted that Aaron take one — she couldnt stop laughing at me) I’m sure they will be the sexiest pictures EVER.

    Hmmmm…I don’t know, is that where I got that phrase? Lol, it just sort of popped in my head.

    What was the deja vu about? My post? Or something completely unrelated?

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