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Digital Scale Quandary

So I’ve decided I need a digital scale. At first, I was browsing around for a more accurate digital scale for postage purposes. Right now, I have a spring-loaded scale that goes up to 1kg (~12lbs), which has been sufficient for most large packages I ship on Ebay…but for small envelopes, it’s not accurate enough to tell me whether something is above the 1oz. mark or not (and I hate standing in line to find out, just to ship a bunch of coupons!!)

It looks like you can get a pretty reasonable scale that goes up to 36lbs with 0.1oz accuracy for less than $20 shipped on Ebay.


While browsing, I also discovered a review or two on some of my favorite cooking websites. And I had an “Aha!” moment. While I’m spending a chunk of change on a scale, why not get a GOOD kitchen scale that can also double as a postage scale? I’ve been wanting to take my baking to the next level for quite some time…and you can only get good, repeatable results with a scale. Flour, for example, is one of those ingredients that can vary widely depending on whether you sift it, how loosely you pack it, etc…this way you can measure faster (just add flour to the bowl until you reach the desired weight), and be sure you have the same amount each and every time you bake that favorite cake or batch of brownies. And since baking is a science, you should be as exact as possible, right???

So I’m teeter-tottering between two scales right now. Cooking for engineers, which I esteem to be a highly reliable cooking resource (engineering + cooking = perfect mix), recommends the MyWeigh i5000.  I can get it shipped for $56.17. Read the description — it’s a fantastic scale, goes up to 11lbs (for those heavy pots…or heavy postal packages) with 0.05oz accuracy. It also counts! So I can impress all my friends by telling them exactly how many jelly bellies are in a bowl…what a neat party trick.

Then there’s the Soehnle 65055, which America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Illustrated both recommend. The thing going for this scale? It’s beautiful. Check it out, who wouldn’t be proud to have this displayed on their counter? It appears to do all the same things as the MyWeigh i5000, plus it’s cheaper. 11 lb capacity, with 0.05oz increments. Over at Buzzillions it has 41 reviews with a 4.8 average rating. It looks like I can get it from some shady sources for $38.34 shipped. Or I can order from theconsumerlink.com, which ATK and CI recommend, for $34.99 with $6.95 shipping. Need to see if there are any coupons or Google checkout discounts that will make this a better deal. Later, when I shouldn’t be studying for a test!!

Hmmm…maybe if I promise to bake John cookies for the next year he’ll sponsor this little expenditure….*wink, wink*

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    Somehow, I do believe he would go for that one… You know what they say about the fastest way to a man’s heart? Probably goes for his wallet too,eh???

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