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Ah, Saturdays

There’s nothing like being able to sleep in until noon (when someone calls you and wakes you up) after staying up several days working your butt off….ahhh, Saturdays.

I did have fun last night though, sharing all my couponing words of wisdom with Mako!! We went out to dinner at Sushi Ken (another Sushi Ken convert thanks to me, hehe)….and then she stopped by and saw my free pile O stuff from CVS. She was shocked, amazed, and very curious how I did that….so then I went through a full tutorial….and she even begged me to take her shopping to show her how it’s done…so at 12:30 on a Friday night, I was in a CVS showing Mako the way. Lol. It was a great week to get her started…there are $4 printable coupons for Purina cat or dog food, which is on sale for $3.99 through today.

I think she’s hooked after getting 3 bags of dog food, 4 shampoos, 1 Tylenol Rapid Release and 5 Adidas deodorants that smell absolutely lovely for her husband all for the grand price of….

wait for it…

wait for it….

still waiting??

Only 71 cents!!

Yeah, and she got $6 ECB to spend in the end! With only spending 71 cents initially.

Darn I’m good.

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