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Last week, I shopped at Kmart for the first time in a reeeeeally long time (at least since living in Raleigh). In fact, I thought all the Phoenix stores went out of business, so I never paid attention to any of the Kmart deals posted online. It turns out, there are at least two locations within a 20 minutes drive of my house, and several others in northern Phoenix.

So I dragged my mother and Michael the roommate (it was his first time experiencing my shopping prowess :P) into Kmart, and they waited patiently while I did several back-to-back transactions.

The end result? I was paid $26 in Kmart gift cards to purchase 11 packs of Duracell batteries (AAs, AAAs, and Cs), 10 Old Spice deodorants, 9 cans of Satin Care shaving gel, 5 bottles of Old Spice body wash, 2 3-packs of ivory soap, and 2 tubes of Crest toothpaste. I had an out of pocket cost of something like $1.70 because I had a $5 gift card and a couple of free coupons to begin with.

How did I do this? Well, Kmart currently has a P&G (Proctor & Gamble) promotion where you get a $10 Kmart gift card free upon checkout when you buy one pack of Duracell batteries (reg. price of $6.49) and two other P&G products. There were also $1.50 coupons for Duracell batteries and several other P&G coupons in the Sunday inserts — which meant you could easily spend $7-8 OOP and get a $10 gift card, thus making a profit on each transaction. The only caveat: in order to get the gift card, you had to use a coupon found on display inside Kmart stores (which normally wouldn’t be a problem).

Unfortunately for Kmart, word of the promotion spread like wildfire on all the online deals sites, and people got very greedy. Some took the entire stack of coupons for themselves, leaving none for other customers (I read reports of people doing well over 100 transactions within the first week!) Others were taking the coupons and selling them on Ebay — some were selling in packs of 50 for $25. Ridiculous! After the first week, the majority of Kmart stores were totally depleted of the promotional coupons.

The promotion was slated to go through August 13, 2007. So, technically, you could still do it, if you could find any of the coupons. Apparently Kmart has issued several revisions of the promotional terms. I’ve heard they started limiting it to one coupon per customer (so in essence, you’d have to go in once a day).  Apparently, now it’s become a mail in rebate limited to oneper address/household. But if you can still track down the coupons, they will honor the in-store gift card deal.

I’m satisfied with my 11 packs of batteries. That alone is $70 in savings on something I definitely need :)

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  1. Anonymous says:


    I was just thinking I want to see you one day in action. Besides finding some ky jelly and making a few cents.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Re: thinking

    Hahaha, I will never forget our ky jelly experience jacobi! (as in the matrix, hehe)

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