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I am sitting in my favorite coffee shop on campus using the wireless internet, and one of the guys behind the counter comes over and asks “What kind of smoothie do you want?” I look at him with raised eyebrows, as if to say “What kind of question is that? Have I overstayed my welcome or something?” As if in response he says “There’s someone wanting to buy you one.” I say, oh, and completely flustered (and I’m sure, turning bright red), I tell him I’ll take a mango smoothie.

(Just for the record, the mango is horribly artificial; the coffee drinks are ever so much better here).

When the guy brings over my smoothie, he says “In case you’re creeped out, the guy left already.” I ask him who it was (I had already used my detective skills to figure out who I thought it was). And sure enough, he says it was the guy in the wheelchair who had been sitting at the table next to mine. I had taken notice of him when he first wheeled over, but beyond that had remained 100% focused on my laptop.

It was sort of humbling to have someone of less fortunate circumstances extend this kind gesture to me. The gentleman was moderately handicapped; his hands were obviously deformed and his speech was slurred. He was, however, acute enough to banter playfully with the waitress.  I had done nothing to deserve his generosity; I would understand had I said hi and stopped to have a conversation with him, but the opportunity had not arisen. And yes, it’s true, I wouldhave been horribly uncomfortable had he stayed in the shop after buying me the drink (what do I say beyond thank you?) I guess he was just being nice and brightening my day. I’d say that more people need to take his lead.

Thank you Mr. Random Act of Kindness Coffee Shop guy!

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