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(Alternate Title: I’m getting paid $20 to write this post!)

In a perfect world we would all get paid to do what we love.


Unfortunately, it’s not a perfect world.


But, there are some ways to make extra cash doing things we enjoy. PayPerPost is one of those rare opportunities for bloggers to get paid to do what they enjoy – blog! PPP is an online marketplace where advertisers offer opportunities for bloggers to write about their products, services, or websites. Anyone can sign up at PPP, so long as their blog is at least 3 months old and has at least 20 pre-existing posts. It must also contain original blog content and not be set up solely for the purposes of payment. The best part is you get to do it on your own time. For example, I wrote this post while riding the bus on my way to school. 

Technically, I’m not “new” to PayPerPost, since I signed up quite a while ago. But I have yet to take any paying opportunites, so I guess that qualifies me as a new postie. I first heard about PPP through a blog article that mentioned ways to monetize your blog . At an average payout of $5 per post, and supposing you wrote one sponsored post per day, you could easily pull in an extra $150 income per month. There are also those insane people who must spend every spare moment writing PPP posts; the current Top Earner is at $15,122. That’s some serious side income.  I thought, wow, I like to write, so why not get paid to pepper my blog with a few sponsored posts?

As it turns out, PPP advertisers are pretty discriminatory towards the types of blogs they accept. Livejournal is not an acceptable blog for most opportunities, perhaps since it is geared towards communities of friends and not a widespread audience. Other domains like facebook and myspace are also regularly excluded from the best opportunities.  Also, many opportunities require a minimum Google Page Rank. So I have had very few opportunities available to me. I HAVE been itching to transfer my blog over to a more mainstream blogging domain (like blogspot or wordpress), but the time and effort required to switch domains has kept me from moving. Someday when I get completely fed up with the limited features of LJ, I’ll move my blog. 

Any cash I earn from PPP would go straight into my health savings fund, which is currently doubling as my emergency car fund.  Now, if we were talking $15K in extra income, then I would have to consider establishing a Europe Vacation fund ;)

5 Responses to “My First PayPerPost Opportunity”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Selling Out!

    :) hehe well extra money is nice, only through my scan of your sell out I couldnt figure out what product you where bloging about. -Jacob

  2. admin says:

    Re: Selling Out!

    I’m not selling out :P I will only post about things that I would normally write about.

    This post was sponsored by PayPerPost themselves ~ the object of the post was to spread the word about PPP. (Hence the statement of disclosure at the bottom)

  3. kledus says:

    so do you have to do it with an old blog or can you make a new blog just tomake money? livejournal is indeed outlawed ….lame. might be worth checking this out. make some money blogging on tour.

  4. admin says:

    Hmmm, what part of “It must also contain original blog content and not be set up solely for the purposes of payment” don’t you understand? :P Yes, it has to be at least 90 days old and have other content (can’t just be a for-money-blog).

  5. kledus says:

    oh…lame. I just skimmed it.

    what part of “call me back” did you not understand? ;)

    Just signed up for the textmemoney thing…hopefully you’ll get some $ for it since I used the link in your blog.

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