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Remember my beloved 5% cash rewards credit card? I just got a notice of a change in the rewards program. At first I was dreading a reduction in the cash back — but no, this change is actually in my favor!

My Direct Rewards credit card is being replaced by a new Platinum Credit Card, and with it comes the following improvements:

  • Cash rewards directly credited to my account — no checks to deposit
  • When my rewards reach $25, I can choose when it is credited to my account

I still earn 5% cash rewards at gas, grocery and drug stores and up to 1% everywhere else.

Now, I’m no longer losing interest on the cash back by having to wait for the payout once a year. Sweet!

2 Responses to “HSBC Direct Rewards: Change in Rewards Program”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I like the chase card

    The chase 5% does the same thing only you get 1% back on everything not just after 3k, incase the store is missclassified.

    But what you go isnt bad.

  2. admin says:

    Re: I like the chase card

    Eh, I only use it for driving/eating/and drugging. So no need to utilize the 1%. The Chase is good, and pretty much equivalent to mine — but since I have one, don’t need another right?

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