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The title of this post should really be “Five 12-packs of Coke AND 6 itsy-bitsy teeny-wheeny Hallmark cards for $3.83 at Safeway” but that wouldn’t really fit.

So here’s the deal:

Right now Safeway is running a promotion B2G3F for 12-pack fridge packs of Coca-Cola.
Each pack is $5.49 in my area.
There is also an in-store coupon for Free Coca-Cola 12-pack Fridge pack when you buy ANY 3 Hallmark cards. Max value: $5.49. The coupon expires Sept 4, 2007. These can be found in the card aisle.

The cheapest cards that I could find are $.59/each. (These are small, square cards. I found them next to the wrapping tissue)
Buy 5 12-packs – $27.45
6 cards – $3.54
Total: $30.99

Safeway promotion: $16.47
2 coupons ($5.49 each): $10.97

$30.99-$16.47-$10.97=$3.55+tax for 5 12-packs. Comes out to ~.06/can!

PLUS you get 50 coke points :)

Even I, non-soda drinker, couldn’t pass up on this deal. However, my Safeway was completely out of Barq’s Root Beer, my only soda of choice lately – waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! So I got 5 packs of Sprite and plan on exchanging them for Barqs at another Safeway :)

2 Responses to “Five 12-packs of Coca-Cola for $3.83 at Safeway”

  1. kledus says:

    including Dr. Pepper?

  2. admin says:

    Yes, this includes Dr. Pepper. Mom stocked up on some for John…

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