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Car Estimate

I’ve noticed that my mood is correlated to the cleanliness of my living area to a certain extent, so in an effort to get rid of this recent funk that I’m in, I decided to tackle the disaster area also known as my room. My suitcase is finally unpacked and put away, the piles of paperwork are filed and organized, my clothes are in the washer, and the ebay packages are stacked neatly in my closet (I’ve taken about a month off from ebaying, and the piles of “stuff” were getting out of control!). I can actually type without contorting my body in some weird shape so as not to disrupt the current project that has spilled across my desk.

And, get this — in an act of rebellion I lowered the temperature to 75 degrees today. Gasp, you say! 75 degrees! Of course, this is the temperature I set it to — the thermostat actually reads 77 right now, and let me tell you, it feels amazing. Normally I sweat it out around 85 degrees during the day. Yuck.

While cleaning my desk, I came across the car estimate that I had scribbled on the back of an envelope. The car shop down the street (the place that does my oil change really cheap, and the only place I could drive my car to without it overheating) gave me the following estimates:

  • radiator/hoses + labor = $500 + tax
  • worn brakes = $99.95 + tax (need to replace these still)
  • rear cylinder leaking really bad = $50.75 (I don’t know if this included labor — I was scribbling really fast)
  • rear shocks + labor = $170

I also have $350 + tax written down, and I’m not sure to which this belongs. I do remember the total estimate being over $1100.

So far, I’ve paid $250 for the radiator/hoses (parts only). I also spent $70 on a new battery and $4 for some new terminals, since my current ones are horribly corroded.  I have yet to address the other issues…but so far so good.

Cars are expensive.

3 Responses to “Car Estimate”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree

    Yep Cleaning is an excelent way to get out of a funk, come on over I have plenty to clean. :)


    yaya I know I spelt plenty wrong but am too lazzy to check the spelling.

  2. admin says:

    Re: I agree

    Lol, I remember you telling me that you do the same thing. And you know what? It works! I feel much better after cleaning all day :)

    I still have the rest of the house to clean. Or else I’d offer my services ;)

    And you know I don’t mind about your spelling ;)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Re: I agree

    Yep it really does help, you can be frustrated and productive at the same time!

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