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Family Genealogy

Here I am, reading my family genealogy on my grandma’s side while everyone else is asleep. It definitely makes for interesting reading! My great great great great great great great great grandfather on the Powers side was born in Rhode Island in 1679. Do you think that makes me truly American? I’d say so. From there, my family migrated to Connecticut, to Illinois, to Colorado and then my grandparents started the Arizona branch. 

Also, there is a pretty high life expectancy on that side of the family. Even back in the 1700-1800s my relatives were living to be 100! Henry Ruyle II died at the age of 100 in 1840. Wow! Most that died of natural causes lived to be 80+. That’s pretty incredible. 

Those that didn’t die of natural causes had quite unusual deaths according to their obituaries. My great great aunt, Rena Powers, was run over by a car when she got out of her vehicle to chase down the family dog on a highway. Her brother, Melvin Powers, died after falling from a ferris wheel.

Also, these names crack me up. Iciabod? Jerusha? Zuris? I don’t think any of those names will be making a comeback anytime soon.

I’m now curious what the Stanfield genealogy looks like. Apparently my aunt Darla has it mapped out pretty far back…

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