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Save on fuel

Living 2 minutes away from Albertsons has given me an appreciation for this store that I never had before — in fact, of all the stores that I used to shop at, Albertsons would have ranked AT THE VERY BOTTOM.  As it turns out, Albertsons is a couponer’s paradise (rainchecks never expire, they have a self-scan checkout where you actually scan your own coupons, and they accept ALL manufacturer’s coupons — including CVS $5/20 coupons and the like). They also are the only store that regularly has Scott toilet paper on sale for $10/10. I love that. Right now they have a pretty sweet fuel promotion going on as well.

Save on fuel:
$0.25/gallon when you spend $50 in groceries, $0.50/gallon when spend $100 in groceries

I was lucky enough to check out behind someone who had left their catalina behind a couple weeks ago, and I happened to be at an Albertsons with a fuel station (the one on Ray & McClintock). You fill up your tank, pay with a credit card, then take in the catalina to the service station and the checker gives you back $0.25/gallon in cash. I ended up paying $2.75/gallon — you won’t find a better deal on gas anywhere else around here!!

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