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One man’s junk….

…is another man’s treasure. Especially on Ebay. I still can’t believe that I just sold my clarinet for $76 to someone in Canada. I would have been happy to get $10 out of it (and that was what I was expecting!) It was the first one I ever had. A cheap student model, not known for superb quality. It no longer works (leaky seal I think), is plastic (not wood), at least 40+ years old (and clarinets dont age well), the silver has tarnished and turned green and the pads and corks need to be replaced. Basically, as I said in the ad, it got me through my beginning band years (15-20 years ago) and now it’s in need of a serious overhaul. I included several blown up pictures, so there would be no doubt whatsoever what they were getting. And still they paid $76 for it! Plus another $30 shipping. The Canadian and a Brazilian were duking it out for it.  Here is an example where selling worldwide definitely improves your profit margin.

My crusty green clarinet that is now in transit to Canada:

Now I’m down to two working clarinets, and both are of much better tone/quality. I pulled them out and was amazed that my fingers still remember the movements…now my tone, on the other hand, is in definite need of improvement, haha.

2 Responses to “One man’s junk….”

  1. kledus says:

    you know…I still need a clarinet…

  2. admin says:

    Haha, you have an ebay acct like everyone else… :P

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